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One of the newest crypto casinos on the scene is TrustDice. TrustDice is a provably fair online casino with a wide range of Bitcoin casino games. In this TrustDice casino review, we will take a look at the casino’s games, bonuses, and overall services.

TrustDice Review

Casino and gambling games have been around for centuries. They have evolved over time and the recent introduction of cryptocurrencies has given rise to a new breed of casino – the crypto casino.

Crypto casinos are becoming increasingly popular as the use of cryptocurrencies continues to grow. The casino has a wide range of games, including classic slots, table games, poker games, and live dealers. TrustDice is a new entrant into the field, making waves where you can play provably fair games and attractive bonuses. Let’s look at what TrustDice offers.

About TrustDice Casino

trust dice casino

Founded in the year 2018 under the Satoshi gaming group. TrustDice is a very popular crypto casino known for the good services it has to offer for users. The casino is firmly licensed under the Curacao eGaming authority where it has managed to receive a high reputation. Moreover, the casino is very reliable in offering various cryptocurrencies from which the user can deposit. We have prepared this TrustDice casino review with all you need to know about this casino.

Registration Process

Satoshi Gaming Group N.V was serious about making it easy to play your favorite video slots! The site has a quick registration process that is straightforward and you get a 100% welcome bonus. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on the sign-up or “Join now” button.

When you access the TrustDice online casino website, you will have a signup option on the home page, which a new user who wants to register should click on. This will directly take you to the registration form, where you must fill in your details.

  1. Filling in the registration form.

Under this forum, you must fill in personal details per the registration requirements. These details might include your name, email address, and contacts. You don’t have to worry, as, with a TrustDice casino, your data and personal information are fully protected from access by a third party.

  1. Account Verification.

After filling in all your details, they will be verified in the form of a code sent to the details given. After you have successfully verified your details, that is, you are successfully done with your registration process. This process is very important to avoid people using your mobile number to register and play games available in the casino.

  1. Make the first deposit.

Now, after creating your account, log in to it. This is where you make your first casino deposit to kick-start your gambling journey with TrustDice. When making your first deposit, research to be able to claim all the available first minimum deposit bonuses, and this is where your research will pay off. Then you will have to select your preferred deposit method to carry out the deposit. If you encounter any issue, contact their customer support team and you will get help in less than 2 minutes. 


  • The first platform to release bet verification.

As one of the best and most important features, TrustDice offers a bet verifier where one has to check and confirm every bet. This promotes transparency and keeps the site users as the top priority.

  • First dice platform with stable working EOS faucet.

This awesome site offers free EOS tokens to EOS accounts to promote crypto to the masses. There are various, such as TXT tokens, which you can claim and stake.

  • Ranked high in High ROI.

Due to technological advancement, there is a need to create a payment system that would maintain the real value of the free TXT tokens while also maximizing the player’s profit. This is the site where you will find this awesome feature.

Bitcoin Casino Games Available

TrustDice crypto casino has a variety of Bitcoin games from the best game providers. Some of the best to play at the TrustDice website include:


Dice games are live casino games involving several actions, both with the Bitcoin dice and money among TrustDice’s live games. To understand this game, a player should first understand the craps table personnel, including the box person, stick person, and dealer in live casino games. Being in charge of the craps table, the box person is the immediate supervisor of the tables. He is in charge of playing chips and also solves upcoming disputes among the players.

The dealer on the right side of the supervisor is the second dealer, whereas the dealer on the left is the third dealer in live casino games. Even though this game has several aspects of playing, the main concept is rolling a point or number with two dice, and then before a seven is rolled, you have to roll that same number.


The crash game was created for cryptocurrency lovers of live dealer games that, in several ways, imitate trading markets with very few games. In this game, you will see a line going up against a graph and multipliers shown by an indicator. As the rising process is ongoing, you can prefer to cash out at any moment. This is the basic concept of this game, as you have to ah out before it crashes for you to have a maximum win. There is also the option where you can choose to end the game round early.

Casino games

TrustDice offers a large variety of live casino games, including online slot games machines that are very popular and have thousands of classic slots, each with its own rules and betting options. The users much prefer video slot games. There is also online blackjack which generally represents 31% of TrustDice casino table game actions. The game is similar to baccarat, but blackjack master promotion can be considered a more commercial and popular variant. There is also roulette which is known to be essentially a TrustDice game of pure chance where it has managed to capture the imaginations of players for many years.

Live Casino

In modern casino gambling days, most crypto gambling sites come with a live dealer section. For gambling beginners, this is the gaming platform where gaming is performed live as you pay, and the results are instant.

Many gambling players prefer this option as it gives the player a high level of gambling experience. Where else will you get such a sensational experience if not at the TrustDice casino? The live TrustDice casino on this platform is very effective and easy for any player to operate.


Talk of gambling and sports betting will be the first thing on many people’s heads. This is because sports betting has become much more popular than ever. Thousands of live sports happen every day; thus, sports bettors have a chance to make money each day.

There are several different sports, including Football, the most popular sport across the globe. There are also horse racing, rugby, ice skating, and several others which you can bet on. All these strong proprietary games are exclusively available for you at this gaming platform.


Electronic sports, which are in short known as eSports, are forms of game competition where the competitors use video games to compete against each other.  These games usually form multiplayer video game competitions as an individual, or you can team up as a group.

These games are available at the TrustDice casino, which is the home of all the eSports games with high-quality gaming experience. These Bitcoin games are known to be able to turn online gaming into a spectator sport. It imitates the experience of watching live sports events.

TrustDice Bonuses

TrustDice is a casino that has been around for about four years. They have an excellent reputation, and their website has many features to keep you coming back for more.

TrustDice casino stands out from the crowd. They offer bonuses for any action you take, including depositing funds and playing games. Another feature that makes TrustDice unique is its level-up system. You can move up through difficulty levels until you reach the highest level. The higher your level, the better your rewards will be!

trust dice bonuses

Regarding deposit bonuses, TrustDice casino offers one of the best in the industry. 

Signup Bonus

This is amongst the first and assured no-deposit bonuses any new player will get. The sign-up bonus is the particular bonus that a new user is awarded immediately after finishing the registration process. This welcome bonus can be given to any user but has some specified terms of usage of which the user should be aware.

Deposit Bonus

DepA deposits are the type of bonus with bonus codes a user gets immediately after making their first deposit with the TrustDice online casino. This deposit bonus might vary depending on the amount of money deposited into the account. However, there is a minimum required deposit amount.

Loyalty Rewards

These bonuses and promotions are given to regular users for their continued loyalty to the TrustDice online casino. It is a way of showing appreciation for your regular usage o the online casino. Everyone does not claim this loyalty even though it is easily claimable at TrustDice.

Custom Bonus

Custom bonuses are the type of bonus with bonus codes the casino gives repetitively to the players after a given period. These might be a boost to players who might be low on cash. You need to be a regularly active player to be aware of these custom bonuses, sometimes given unexpectedly.

Real Faucet

The real faucet rewards come as a way of rewarding users actively participating in the deposits activities on the websites. This bonus might not be familiar to some players, especially those not regularly active on the online gambling site.

Task Rewards

This is one of the best bonuses available at online casinos. These bonuses are rewarded to users for accomplishing a given task within a given timeline. The condition for claiming this bonus is that you must first accomplish the task before claiming the bonus.

Level Up Rewards

Level-up rewards are the kind of bonuses awarded to players due to their regular playing in this casino. They are upgraded to the next gaming level; thus, they claim the level-up bonus and promotions.

Payment Methods

There are several methods you can use to make payments, including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • EOS
  • USD coin
  • Visa

Advantages of TrustDice

TrustDice is a new cryptocurrency casino that is trying to put an end to the long-standing issues of gambling in the betting space. TrustDice is a new online casino created for gamers and crypto enthusiasts. With TrustDice, you can play live dealer games with cryptocurrencies, and it has the most impressive list of casino games.

Instant payouts

Under TrustDice online gambling casino, the payouts are made instantly with no delay, which makes it even more suitable for all players. Once you have managed to make your withdrawal request, the payout will be completed as soon as possible.

Free withdrawals

TrustDice online gambling casino offers players a chance like no other where you can carry out their withdrawal free of charge regardless of the amount. This is very good for the players to withdraw the full amount with no pay cuts.

Excellent customer team

The customer support team at the TrustDice casino is the best in the industry, as the well-being of its users is its top priority. This ensures that they deliver the best customer support system. 


To ensure exclusive provably fair games, transparency, equity and honesty, TrustDice online casinos ensure full fairness in carrying out their activities with and among the players. Thus this is the betting and gambling site where you will get a high level of fairness and play provably fair games.


The best crypto gambling sites are licensed by the best authorities, as is the case with TrustDice casinos. The company is licensed under curacao, one of the best gambling sites licensing companies.

Play to Earn

Under TrustDice online gambling casino, players here only play to earn instant cash and no other intentions. This is where you can experience the best gambling taste of life, as everything here is on another level with no limited maximum bet.


  • There is no conversion of fiat currency to crypto, you can only use cryptocurrency.
  • TrustDice games online gambling site is not available in some countries.


TrustDice casino is among the best pure Bitcoin casino space worldwide. This doesn’t come as a surprise, even considering what this brilliant online gambling casino has to offer to its users. This betting site has the best features in the market, thus offering the best online casino gambling experience. The customer support team under this betting company is very good, without any discrimination, and instantly sorts out their customers with the will to help. 


What is TrustDice?

TrustDice is an online gambling crypto casino that has the best gaming experience with the best games and game dealers. This is the home for all the best online casino games from the best casino software providers.

Is TrustDice safe?

Yes. TrustDice is very safe for any player to join and have a good online gambling experience. This betting site ensures the user’s details and accounts safety through its thorough registration process.

What Games Can I Play at TrustDice?

The site has over 2000 Bitcoin games available for players. As seen in this TrustDice review, you can enjoy third party games and their own games.

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Ups & Downs

  • Instant Payouts
  • Free Withdrawals
  • Provably Fair Games
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Restricted in Some Countries


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