Bitcoin Roulette Casino Sites

Did you know that Bitcoin roulette games are similar to classic roulette games? We thought you should know. However, minor differences exist between the two. For example, in Bitcoin online roulette, you bet on the color of the next ball instead of numbers. The game is played on a virtual roulette table with a green background and white balls.

Equally important, the players place the roulette bets on one of the numbers 1-36 or by clicking either color red or black. When you click on either of the colors or place even bets, you are betting on the next ball being red or black, respectively. The bets are limited to a certain amount of BTC per spin. As a result, if you want to make more significant bets at roulette games, you will have to deposit more money into your account beforehand. In addition, the payout for each roulette Bitcoin win varies depending on the type of bet.

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100% 1st Deposit Bonus

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125% + 250 FS

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Cashback up to 15%

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100% up to 0.15 BTC

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Rakeback up to 25%

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Airdrops & Complete Anonymity

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150% up to 300EUR/USD + 150FS

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Up to 20% cashback every single day

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100% first deposit bonus + 150 FS

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100% up to 1 BTC + 250 FS

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Complete Anonymity

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DEPOSIT ₽10000 AND PLAY WITH ₽20,000

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up to 180% and 1 BTC

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450% welcome pack up to 5 BTC + 140

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Welcome bonus 200% up to 300EUR min.dep: 0.0012 BTC

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200% on cryptodeposit up to 100$

promo code: VRSCRYPTO

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100% up to 1BTC

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500 euro Welcome Bonus

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250% up to 400€ bonus and 180 Free Spins

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275% up to 5 BTC + 50 Free Spins

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100% bonus upto $500 + 100 FS on first five deposits

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100% up to 500 €/$ + 200 FS

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200% up to 50 euro

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100% up to 500 euro + 200 Free Spins

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300% up to 550EUR/0.02BTC + 200 FS

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up to 700 eur + 50 Free Spins

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6 BTC + 300 Free Spins

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5 BTC + 200 Free Spins

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50 mBTC

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5 BTC + 200 Free Spins

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100% up to €300

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10 BTC + 100 Free Spins

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200 Free Spins + 10% Cashback

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Why Should You Play BTC Roulette?

There are numerous reasons to play Bitcoin roulette games. First, you can play BTC roulette for fun and as an engaging way to win big money. The game was purposefully created by a group of experienced developers who intended to create a platform that would allow people from all over the world to play roulette Bitcoin with their favorite cryptocurrencies.

Accordingly, it was developed to promote fairness by ensuring that roulette players will always get what they deserve when they play. So, BTC roulette is the best way to invest in your future. The fact that you are playing with real money gives you extra excitement.

In addition, it ensures you have something at stake to fight for and protect. So, if you are looking for ways to add some excitement to your life, then why not try playing BTC roulette?

How to Start Playing Roulette with Bitcoin?

Since it was invented centuries ago, roulette has been a favorite game for many and remains a gambler’s preference in contemporary society. The secret about live roulette games is based on luck since if you play crypto roulette online smartly, the payoff can be huge.

However, Bitcoin live roulette can be risky since the live games depend on luck. As a result, after placing your bet on the best online Bitcoin roulette, your heart races and your palms sweat.

Despite its risky nature, most people still prefer live Bitcoin roulette games as their favorite provably fair games, because of the amazing rewards you may get at most casinos if your bet on live roulette BTC goes through. So, we are glad to give you a step-by-step guide on how to play online roulette with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Step 1

You need a wallet – an online account where you keep all the money you win on the Bitcoin roulette site or lose. As a result, you should provide sufficient security for your needs at many casinos.

There are a few easy-to-use sites for Bitcoin gambling roulette games or other casino games with robust security features if you are starting. These include Coinbase and Xapo. In addition, every site has unique rules about the kinds of wallets they allow.

In most cases, sites with crypto casino games allow wallets in USD or BTC. Equally important, your wallet also serves as your username on the site. As a result, you should ensure you remember your details.

Step 2

You should select your preferred site to play games. There are multiple Bitcoin gambling sites, so you should select prudently to identify the best online casino for your needs. Once you have a wallet, it is time to find an online roulette site where you can deposit your Bitcoins or Bitcoin Cash and play. Many BTC roulette sites accept Bitcoin deposits.

However, you should ensure the selected online casino site is legal in your country before signing up. Additionally, people prefer sites with fast payouts and some of the best odds for crypto casino games. In addition, people prefer sites offering significant daily casino bonuses, Bitcoin roulette no deposit bonuses and free spins.

Step 3

The third step is depositing the money you would like to use in your Bitcoin gambling. You can do the deposit using a Bitcoin wallet or exchange services, such as Coinbase, Circle, or Bitstamp.

Please choose how much Bitcoin you want to use and send it to the address provided by the Bitcoin casino. The amount will reflect in your account once the money arrives at their end. You can also choose the amount you want to bet per round and click spin. Accordingly, this will spin the wheel and determine your win or lose.

Step 4

There are tons of options for playing Bitcoin live roulette. For instance, you can play Bitcoin roulette against the house or other players in a peer-to-peer environment. Likewise, you can also choose between American and European roulette wheels, which have different payouts for particular numbers on the wheel.

The final step is playing casino games. When it is your turn, hit “spin” on your computer or mobile device and watch the ball start spinning around the wheel

Bitcoin Roulette Game Variations

Bitcoin gambling roulette is a simple bet game that has gained popularity in recent years. The game is played using a wheel and a Bitcoin betting system. There are many different Bitcoin roulette games variations. Bitcoin roulette is the most basic form of roulette, which uses an ordinary roulette wheel and ball.

The rules are very similar to traditional roulette, with players betting on their preferred number or color of the ball when it lands in a specific slot. In addition, Bitcoin slots are also similar to regular slot machines.

However, they use Bitcoin instead of cash. In addition, players can choose from various themes and betting options, including free spins on casino games and bonus rounds. Similarly, Bitcoin blackjack is played with six decks of cards instead of just one like regular blackjack. This type of Bitcoin gambling enables players to bet online or in-person at physical Bitcoin roulette sites.

American Roulette

American Roulette is a special roulette game played in the United States and Canada. Equally important, the game is played with a wheel and a ball, like regular roulette, and is a popular game. It is the most popular type of roulette BTC in Europe, comprising one zero and two green numbers, considered lucky by players. In addition, the American Roulette wheel also has a double zero, which means both zeros can come up at once.

This type of casino game is played with a single zero and thirty-eight numbers. As a result, the player can bet on any numbers or groups of numbers with the same color. Likewise, the player can place multiple roulette bets simultaneously, which the dealer will deal with simultaneously. Additionally, it is a variation of the original European-style roulette game. The game is played by betting on the number of spots that will fall on the wheel before it comes to rest.

European Roulette

European Roulette is a game that individual or multiple players can play simultaneously with different bets. The game’s goal is to predict which of the 36 numbers will come up when the wheel turns.

Typically, the wheel has two zeros, one green, and one red. In addition, the wheel also has two green numbers. For instance, zero and double zero. Thus, if you place your bet on a single zero, you win if the ball lands on zero.

However, if you place it on a double zero, you win if the ball lands on either zero or double zero. As a result, Bitcoin European roulette is a game of chance played on a European-style roulette wheel.

The difference with American roulette is that players can bet on more than a single number when they play roulette. European roulette also includes Bitcoin roulette UK. As a result, players need to understand Bitcoin roulette strategies to play smarter.

French Roulette

If you are playing Bitcoin roulette, you have probably heard of French Roulette. In the French Roulette, there are 38 slots of 0*00. That extra slot is called “La Partage” if your number comes up in that slot, you still win.

French roulette is the best Bitcoin roulette game because it allows players a chance to win big while still getting paid out if they don’t get lucky. So, if you are feeling lucky but not so lucky that you want to risk everything on just one number, then French Roulette might be right for you.

One of the most popular Bitcoin roulette games is French Roulette. In this version of Bitcoin roulette free, the player can bet on either a single number or multiple numbers.

Bitcoin Live Roulette

Players can place bets using their cryptocurrency on top crypto roulette sites that allow them to gamble on live casino games.

The best thing is that such platforms are also designed for mobile devices through apps, such as the Bitcoin roulette app, so that players can play live roulette Bitcoin on the go. Accordingly, live Bitcoin roulette offers players three different experiences.

Bitcoin live roulette allows you to play your favorite exclusive game against a human dealer, not a soulless machine. Here, you can ask live dealer questions as you play and the roulette games are broadcasted live from the highly reputable live casino games.

How to Find Top Crypto Roulette Sites?

If you are looking for a crypto roulette site, there are several options. You have probably heard of the famous roulette game where you can bet on the number that the roulette wheel will choose. The game is very similar to the traditional one. However, it has a random number generator that generates numbers based on your bet while playing Bitcoin roulette games.

Equally important, you can also bet on a color or several numbers at once. Thus, the most significant advantage of this best Bitcoin roulette casino game is that it allows you to win big prizes in seconds.

In addition, cryptocurrency roulette has a simple interface and is easy to navigate through. So, it is perfect for beginners who are just starting with their first foray into Bitcoin gambling.

You can use the following steps to find top crypto roulette sites:

The 10 Best Bitcoin Roulette Sites

Most people come online and search “Bitcoin roulette free” to get top Bitcoin roulette sites. Bitcoin roulette has been in existence for years. Some of these sites are better than others. However, to ascertain the best Bitcoin roulette, you should consider fast loading times.

Secondly, the page should be easy to navigate when looking at a site like this. The sites should be easy to navigate and find what you are looking for as quickly as possible. Equally important, the site should have good content.

For example, you want something easy to read and understand without being too technical or difficult for someone unfamiliar with all of this stuff. Accordingly, the best Bitcoin sites have a few important features: easy-to-use and reliable. They should also have an intuitive interface that makes buying and selling Bitcoin simple.

Bitcoin Roulette SiteMain FeatureLicenseWelcome Bonus
🏆⭐ Plenty of Games to Choose FromGreat PromotionsBeautiful and intuitive user interface🌍 Curacao🤑 100% Up to 1 Bitcoin
🏆 7Bit Casino⭐ Excellent casino bonuses and promotionsSecure site, using 256-bit SSL encryptionFast Withdrawals processed in minutes🌍 Curacao🤑 100% bonus of up to 1.5 BTC
🏆 Ignition⭐ One of the best crypto bonuses of all Bitcoin roulette sitesOffers both European and American roulette variantsEmploys 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your data🌍 Curacao🤑 150% up to $1,500
🏆 BetOnline⭐ Intuitive, Easy-to-navigate user interfaceFast payouts, processed in minutesLow withdrawal fees🌍 The Panama Gaming Commission🤑 100% bonus up to $1,000
🏆 Stake⭐ Lucrative VIP perks, cashback, and free spinsSecure site with 2FA (2-factor Authentication)Great customer service, solving issues promptly and in many languages🌍 Curaçao🤑 200% Welcome Bonus up to $1000
🏆 Cloudbet⭐ Secure gambling site with SSL and two-factor authenticationEasy-to-navigate user interfaceExcellent Customer support is available 24/7 via email, live chat, & social media🌍 Montenegro and Curacao🤑 100% up to 5 BTC
🏆 Wild Casino⭐ Huge game selection, including quality live dealer gamesSimple, slick interfaceFully mobile-optimized casino🌍 Panama Gaming🤑 100% deposit match up to 5
🏆 Red Dog Casino⭐ Fully mobile-optimized casino, with downloadable versionExcellent bonuses, free spins and promotionsLow minimum wagering requirements🌍 Curacao🤑 225%
🏆 FortuneJack⭐ Easy deposits, lightning payoutsFavorable minimum wagering requirement, on 30xMassive selection of games🌍 Curaçao🤑 110% up to 1.5 BTC/300 USD + 250 Free Spins on the first deposit
🏆 mBit⭐ Favorable withdrawal limitsExcellent customer service available 24/7 with live chat supportSafe and secure site protected by SSL encryption🌍 Curacao🤑 110% up to 1 BTC

Tips & Strategies to Play Bitcoin Casino Roulette

Play Crypto Roulette on Mobile

Once you have downloaded the Bitcoin roulette app, you play roulette games. However, you should ensure that you have adequate funds in your account to cover the cost of betting on the game.

Secondly, you should set up an account with a cryptocurrency exchange and transfer your funds to this account.

Third, log in to your account using your username and password from the cryptocurrency exchange account.

Finally, select a coin from the list on the left side of the screen and then click on a bet from the bottom menu bar at any point during playtime.

Bitcoin Roulette App

The Bitcoin roulette app is a way for you to play with your friends. For instance, you can either play it alone or with other people. The game is quite easy to understand and does not require special skills. It would help if you had a computer or a mobile phone and an internet connection.

Online Roulette & Crypto – Top Alternatives to Bitcoin

Online roulette and crypto are the two hottest topics in gaming. They are both famous and making headlines. An online roulette Bitcoin is a game where you bet on which number will be chosen by a spinning wheel. On the other hand, crypto is a short form for cryptocurrency, which means money hidden in code. As a result, it can only be used online and not in physical form.

CryptocurrencyMain Feature
💎 Litecoin Casinos💪 Litecoin is a highly volatile currency, you could gain without doing anything.Litecoin casinos often offer huge bonuses and free spins.There are a lot of Litecoin currencies in circulation; even more available than Bitcoin
💎 Ethereum Casinos💪 Ethereum casinos are reportedly lightning fast; even faster than Bitcoin casinos.They often offer zero house edgeOffer 1 00% Transparency
💎 Shiba Inu Casinos💪 SHIB is a stable currency, a factor that brings stability in transaction cost for these casinosShiba Inu is a new currency meaning that you can always take advantage of its exponential growth.
💎 Dogecoin Casinos💪 Shorter confirmation times that allow easy access to gambling fundsDogecoin uses lesser integrals and is inexpensive allowing gamblers to place smaller bets
💎 Cardano Casinos💪 Cardano casinos offer instant transactions even across other payment optionsCardano-based casinos charge relatively low transaction feesThere is a notable absence of market price fluctuation
💎 Binance Coins Casinos💪 Binance Coins Casinos allow you to play with BSC-20 tokensBinance Coins Casinos are synonymous with low transactions feesOffer the utmost security and the anonymity
💎 Avalanche Casinos💪 Avalanche casinos offer faster transaction processing time than other cryptos like EthereumThe Avalanche fee structure is controlled by user governance, meaning that the transaction cost often fluctuatesAvalanche operates on a randomized consensus mechanism, making casino transactions more secure
💎 Tether Casinos💪 Casinos that accept tether are highly reputable, being that tether is the third-largest and largest stablecoin in the market.Tether is one crypto pursuing a steady valuation, making it the best option if you want to gamble without worrying about the volatile nature of other cryptocurrenciesMost tether casinos also offer high withdrawal limits
💎 Solana Casinos💪 Solana casinos present a low house edge compared to other fiat currency casinos, allowing you to make more out of your wagersSolana boats of speed and scalability, meaning that Solana casinos have high transaction processing speedsSolana’s proof-of-stake system enables a decentralized network of numerous independent nodes collaborating to give you one of the safest and anonymous transaction paths in the crypto industry.
💎 Ripple Casinos💪 Ripple casinos charge no exchange fees, bringing the general transaction costs close to zero.XRP is highly scalable meaning that you can transact huge amounts from your crypto wallet to your bank account with easeThe scalability also means that casinos can manage Ripple transactions at lightning speed.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin to Play Online Roulette Casino

Disadvantages of using Bitcoin to Play Online Roulette Casino


Bitcoin roulette is a game similar to the classic roulette. For example, in free Bitcoin Roulette, you bet on the color of the next ball instead of numbers. The game is played on a virtual roulette table with a green background and white balls, giving it a nice look. Equally important, the players place the bets on one of the numbers 1-36 or by clicking either color red or black. When you click on either of the colors, you are betting on the next ball being red or black, respectively.


➡️ How can one get started playing Bitcoin roulette online?

To start playing Bitcoin roulette games, you first need to select an online Bitcoin casino among the recommended casinos that meets your preferences,check the review crypto roulette has, sign up for an account, fund the account for you, claim bonuses and then wager according to your financial ability.

➡️ What are the advantages of using a roulette betting system?

The main advantage of using the roulette system is that crypto casinos often protect their roulette games with crypto against any cheaters, often leveling the ground for all players. The second advantage comes with the non-advantage-play advantage play which minimizes the number of decisions you have to make to play Bitcoin roulette live.

➡️ Is roulette online rigged?

If you subscribe to the best Bitcoin roulette casinos, there is no way that you will encounter rigged roulette online games. Before top licensing organizations like Malta approve an online casino, they ensure that they observe fair play rules.

➡️ How do you earn Bitcoins?

There are different ways to earn Bitcoin. First, you can do so by mining Bitcoins over the internet. Secondly, you can earn Bitcoins by playing various Bitcoin casino games like roulette games, football betting, and slot games. The third way is to take advantage of Bitcoin’s volatility and trade it with other coins.

➡️ What does Bitcoin wallet mean?

A Bitcoin wallet is a way to store and access your Bitcoins. It’s like a bank account, but instead of storing money, it stores information about your Bitcoins and allows you to manage them.